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Today, you can have a all-in-one
email, landing page, email autoresponder
for as low as $15/month.

* No technical skills needed, easier than Wordpress.
* From a Trustworthy Company With 350,000+ Customers Served! 


The technology just keeps getting better.


When I started my career in online marketing,
I wanted to use the best lead-generation technology available.
So I diligently combed the market for innovations.

But even after choosing technology,
I spent a lot of time reviewing the latest tech news to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

It burned up a lot of hours — time I could have spent on my core business.
And it required a lot of mental bandwidth.
(There are only so many things you can focus on in a day.)

A friend noticed my dilemma and pointed me to GetResponse.
She told me they had some new tools that would interest me.

She suggested that instead of constantly searching for innovations,
I should choose an innovative company and let them do the searching for me.

Believe me, I liked the sound of that. So I checked it out. She was right!

In recent years, GetResponse has come up groundbreaking innovations:
  • Mobile Friendly: They were first in the industry to introduce
    a design interface that automatically formats every message to fit the screens
    of any mobile or desktop device and any operating system.
  • Ease of Use Interface: They added a slick, new design interface to their platform
    that turns out high-converting landing pages in minutes. 
  • Automation: They also integrated forms with landing pages 
    to funnel sign-ups into email campaigns automatically.
And more

They’ve produced innovations in video email marketing,
smartphone apps, QR codes, A/B testing, inbox preview,
email timing, global view, perfect timing, and custom fields.

Just as important, they constantly update the long-time favorites: Autoresponders

They reinvented the email design interface, giving users access to
hundreds of professionally designed templates,
a drag-and-drop editing interface,
and point-and-click tools for campaign development.

I’m a big fan of GetResponse. Check it out, and you’ll discover it’s an all-inclusive platform.

And let me know what you think.

Best regards,

Gilles Lavoie
You fill in the blanks, they do all the heavy-lifting for you.
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